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Music Heals

Nāda Wakes is a music duo from the Pacific Northwest exploring the power of sound, voice and vibration to facilitate experiences of mindfulness, relaxation, emotional release and delight.

They create original soundscapes colored with light and joy as well as darkness and complexity. These sensory experiences guide listeners through self discovery and the unlocking of emotion, stagnant energy, wisdom and the untapped power we all hold in our bodies.

Nāda Wakes is a collaboration between sweethearts Nathan Getzin and Ada Ketchie. The name Nāda is inspired not only by the simple combination of their first names, but also the ancient Indian metaphysical system of Nāda Yoga wherein the entire cosmos and all that exists consists of sound vibrations, called nāda.

“it was presented with so much passion and intention.”

Nada Wakes came to our yoga studio Agni Yoga in Twisp Washington in May. They did a journey through the chakras sound bath that was truly amazing! What I loved the most about Ada and Nathan’s experience was that it was presented with so much passion and intention. The use of many unique instruments combined with their flawless vocals took me on a sound voyage that resonated deeply within my energy body. I am so thrilled we were able to have them come to our studio and will definitely have them back in the near future.

Kaarin Starr

Owner/instructor, Agni Yoga Studio

Ready to be taken on a sensory experience of a lifetime?!?! Nada Wakes beautiful blend of mantra, voice, instrument and true presence promoted the perfect balance of relaxation and healing. Let your mind drift off into the cosmos as Nada Wakes takes you on a journey of self-discovery, to a place of unknown, to ignite untapped energies within. Thank you Nada Wakes for stopping by on your Bay Area tour, we look forward to hosting you again! Much love from Yoga House Co. •Benicia!

Tiana Duvachelle

Owner/Instructor, Yoga House Co., Benicia CA

This was the chakra balancing sound bath that I attended at Agni yoga… and it was AMAZING!!! They are beautiful people, sharing love and beautiful sound!!! Check them out… and go see them.. so worth it!!! They were flawless… the best sound bath I have ever experienced!!!!

Christi Bobst Moore


Ada and Nathan are so incredibly talented and I am so grateful that they were able to share their gift of harmonious music with us. The vibrations are delightful as the music swarms your entire being. It is an amazing experience.

Stefanie Clift

Owner & Instructor, Beyoutiful Hot Yoga, Leavenworth, WA

Ada and Nathan have created a beautiful and transcendent space through sound. Both a journey through time and self, they use their creativity and bond to elevate a variety of instruments and mantras to a new level. Their attention to detail and thoughtfulness really shine through in this unique sound bath experience.

Lori Gosselin


Nathan and Ada’s sound journey was unlike any other sound bath I’ve experienced.  I went in expecting similar instruments and music to other sound baths that I had been to, but they blew me away. It truly was a journey! They wrote and composed their own music and mantras and played a variety of soothing and unique instruments that I’d never seen before.  The time and effort that they put into this experience was obvious, and it payed off.  I was able to dive deeper into this experience than I had before in other similar ones.  The music allowed me to peel off layers of my subconscious as we journeyed through the chakras in vibration and song. I was able to tap into bits of my subconscious that are not available through my usual meditation or yoga practices, and was left feeling lighter and more energized.  Nathan and Ada make beautiful music and you should definitely experience the sound journey that they lovingly create for you.

Lauren Fitzgerald Peterson


Journey Through the Chakras

This special sound bath has 7 movements each corresponding with a chakra. Using carefully orchestrated tones, and beautifully written mantras and vocal harmonies, we guide participants through their bodies physically, emotionally and spiritually to help restore balance and facilitate healing through this powerful and ancient metaphysical system.

Somatic Sound

Music moves us. It has the power to deeply shift and unlock emotions that we so often hold in our bodies. In this 14 person, limited space event, we weave music, mantra, and sound into powerful songs, and accompany the sonic experience with hands-on assists from a yoga-inspired bodywork practice called Pranassage®.

Private Sessions

We custom tailor private sessions with love and attention to create personalized experiences that focus on your individual needs. We would love to get to know you and what really makes you the beautiful passionate soul you are, so we can create a sonic experience to celebrate that, and dig into areas in your life where you want help unlocking, embodying, empowering, inspiring or letting go.

Upcoming Events

Sound Journey: Tune Into Self

Sound Journey: Tune Into Self

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