Expression: Cultivating Your Most Authentic Voice

We are excited to release our first online course, free for a limited time. Expression is one of our most powerful tools to create the world we want to live in. So take a deep breath and open your heart to hear the wisdom that YOU already hold. Let the content resonate with you as it will, and be present with the insights that emerge. Our deepest hope is that this content brings you more awareness to cultivate more self-love and a greater sense of peace, gratitude, and power. Keep creating the life you are here to create and express the beautiful YOU that you are here to share even more authentically into this world.

Please reach out with questions or comments as you sit with the content. We are sending you all the love we can muster and pour into this work of becoming our most soulful selves.

Upcoming Retreat

If you want to take this journey even deeper, join us for a retreat in Chelan, Washington on May 17-19 to learn, relax, rejuvenate, tune-in and connect to some other beautiful souls on this same path of self-discovery.

PART 1: Expression Happens​

We can’t use the excuse that “I’m not the expressive sort” or that we don’t know where to start when it comes to expression, because we already have started! Our expression is happening whether we like it or not and our job is less about deciding what we want to start expressing, and more about bringing more awareness, consciousness, and listening to what is ALREADY expressing in our lives, from within us and around us. Will we choose to express from fear or from love?

PART 2: Belief Behind the Wheel

Our beliefs are the foundational structures of our lived experience, and they deeply inform the way that we express in the world. When we aren’t present, our beliefs have the power to bypass the conscious mind and command our expression. They are like autopilot instructions that sift through and direct all the information we take in through our senses in every moment. Our beliefs have direct access to the steering wheel of our emotional bodies, and they aren’t afraid to drastically turn that ship of our feelings, before we even realize what has happened.

PART 3: Expression for Transformation

For most of us, our transformation is essential to creating the lives we want to live. The vast majority of us still fall prey to the fears of our society and personality, and live our lives reacting from moment to moment. When we begin to cultivate more awareness and understanding for our many expressions and where they come from, we gain power to steer the course of our lives toward love and away from fear. With love as our North Star we can achieve anything we set our hearts to. From there we can play! We can practice. We can try different forms of expression and see what feels most authentic. We often won’t know what resonates with us until we try!